Delivering mission-critical information technology capabilities

Who We Are

United One Communications is an information technology service provider specializing in cybersecurity, systems engineering, network operations, and program management services for U.S. government and commercial customers.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To make the world more efficient through the advancement of information technology.

Our Vision

To be the trusted global information technology leader in solving our customers' most demanding challenges.

Our Values

We are committed to values that define how we interact with our customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.


We incorporate the highest standards of business ethics that strengthen mutual trust among our employees, partners, suppliers, and customers.


We earn our customers’ trust by providing quality service, delivering on our promises, and striving for continuous improvement.


We succeed through collaborative efforts with customers, teammates, and employees committed to achieving common, defined objectives.


We develop the highest quality of services and solutions with exceptional performance.


We strive to win and repeat business by following our “6Rs”: Requirements, Reliability, Responsiveness, Recruiting, Retention, and Reputation.


We understand the customer’s requirements and then develop our own to determine what type of skills we need to attract.


We can be depended on to meet the customer’s requirements.


Not only to our customers but to employees and teammates.


We ensure qualified candidates are hired.


We focus on retaining the right people.


This leads to more business opportunities.

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